Sentencing Is Often More Important Than Guilt or Innocence

Georgia gives judges huge discretion over what sentence to impose. For instance, burglary can be punished by 2 years probation or 20 years in prison. A good attorney will point out your accomplishments and potential, so that the judge sees more than just your mistakes.

The penalties for many offenses can vary widely.  Hiring effective representation often makes a huge difference in the fines or prison time you may face if found guilty.  Every case is different, and nowhere is that more clear than in sentencing.

See the sentencing table to get an idea of possible penalties for various offenses.

My friend, Jared Westbrook, wrote an excellent article on the sentences Judge Amero imposed in the Henry County Superior Court in 2013.  Mr. Westbrook is a federal public defender and an adjunct professor at Mercer University.  If you or a loved one are charged with a crime in Judge Amero’s court, I urge you to read the applicable section.


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