Felony Charges in Henry County

People charged with major felonies (murder, armed robbery, drug trafficking, child molestation) risk long prison sentences.  Many of these crimes carry mandatory minimums if convicted.  Murder carries a mandatory life sentence.  Armed robbery carries a mandatory sentence of 10 years without parole.  The goal in defending these cases is clear: avoid a conviction in order to avoid a crushing prison sentence.  Jury trials are common in major felony cases because the prosecution will seldom make a plea offer worth taking.

Less serious charges present more complex choices.  In Henry County, a first offender charged with a minor felony (simple possession of drugs, theft of less than $10,000) rarely gets prison time.  Such an offender may serve days or weeks in jail or be ordered to complete drug treatment.   However, a felony conviction can be devastating to your career even if you don’t spend a day in jail.  Minor felony cases call for more subtle lawyering than major felonies, as prosecutors have significant room for negotiation.  Therefore, hiring a respected lawyer can often times improve your plea offer merely by creating the credible threat of a difficult jury trial.  

In some cases, especially drug cases, evidence can be suppressed if it was seized improperly.  I have the trial skills to get acquittals in winnable cases, the judgment to know which cases I can’t win, and the integrity to tell my clients the truth and pursue realistic goals.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Case NumberMost Serious ChargeResult
2015CRXXXXPossession of a Firearm by FelonStraight Probation
2014CRXXXFinancial Transaction Card TheftSuspended Sentence, Charge dismissed after 30 days
2013CRXXXDrug PossessionEvidence Suppressed, Charges dismissed
2012CRXXXEmployee theft of $76kStraight probation
2011CRXXXTrafficking CocaineReduced to misdemeanor obstruction

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