DUI License Suspension

Licnese Suspension is a mandatory consequence of any DUI conviction.  The only way to avoid a license suspension is to avoid a DUI conviction.  The length of a suspension depends upon how many DUI convictions a defendant has had in the past five years.  This measurement is based upon date of offense, not date of conviction.

 A first DUI conviction in five years carries one year suspension period, but a driver who completes DUI school and pays a $250 fee can get his license “restored” after 120 days.

 A second DUI conviction is five years carried a five year suspension, and restoration cannot occur for 18 months.  However, defendants who complete alcohol treatment and get an ignitition interlock device can get a restricted license after 120 days.

Upon a third DUI conviction in five years, a person’s license is revoked and driving a car becomes a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.