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As one of Henry County’s highest achieving firms, the Abbott Law Firm serves the community with a comprehensive scope of practice areas in criminal defense cases.

Our firm is dedicated to serving the needs of clients in DUI, Shoplifting, and Felony cases in the county and surrounding areas. The Abbott Law Firm also serves as a resource for knowledge on the Henry County Criminal Process, and for information on what to expect regarding criminal records.

Over 10 Years In Practice
Over 700 Cases & Counting
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With over 700 cases handled since starting the practice over 10 years ago, our numbers speak for themselves. The Abbott Law Firm gives the community of Henry County a trusted, reliable, and experienced resource for criminal defense, and our track record of success grows larger year after year.


DUI Law In Henry County

DUI convictions carry serious penalties. Even a first DUI conviction carries a mandatory license suspension of at least 120 days. Many employers will refuse to hire candidates with DUI convictions. You could even be fired.

Resolutions for Shoplifters

Shoplifting charges are serious.  Even if you avoid jail time, a shoplifting conviction can make it difficult or impossible to find a good job.  Most major retailers have sophisticated video systems.  Over 75% of my shoplifting clients were caught on video.

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Felony Charges In Henry County

People charged with major felonies (murder, armed robbery, drug trafficking, child molestation) risk long prison sentences.  Many of these crimes carry mandatory minimums if convicted.  Murder carries a mandatory life sentence.  Armed robbery carries a mandatory sentence of 10 years without parole.  The goal in defending these cases is clear: avoid a conviction in order to avoid a crushing prison sentence.

Henry County’s Criminal Process

98 percent of all criminal cases begin with the defendant’s arrest. To arrest you, law enforcement must have probable cause to believe that you committed a crime. After an arrest, the defendant is brought to the jail and detained until bond is set and posted.

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Will This Be On My Criminal History?

Almost every client asks this question. Unfortunately, many attorneys either don’t know the full answer to this question or don’t explain it to their clients. The answer is a bit complicated, but is important to understand.

When a first offender is arrested, first class legal representation aims to minimize the paper trail created by the arrest. This requires early action and even early action does not guarantee a happy outcome.

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Criminal defense matters are time sensitive, and they are not to be taken lightly. While it is helpful to read the information you’ll find here, and elsewhere on the internet, there is no substitution to speaking with a professional attorney about the specifics of your case.

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