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Handling Criminal Defense Cases in Henry County and throughout the Atlanta Metro Area

Led by David Abbott, the Abbott Law Firm handles criminal defense, DUI, and appeals cases in McDonough, Henry County, and surrounding Metro Atlanta.

The criminal justice system can be needlessly cruel. David works to tame it. In every case, his basic goal is the same: protecting his client’s human potential. David’s tactics are flexible. If an officer broke the law or was sloppy, he’s not afraid to embarrass that officer. If negotiation locks in a good deal, all the better. When a victim lies, David will impeach her. When prosecutors are unreasonable, he will go over their head and argue our case to a judge or jury.

David Abbott has achieved superior results in superior court.

My approach is rigorous and data driven.  I ask hard questions early in a case.  Is a jury trial winnable?  Is it worth the risk?  Is it the best use of my client’s resources?  How have your judge and your prosecutor dealt with similar cases in the past?  How can we improve this?  Is rehabilitation an alternative to punishment?

If you want pragmatic, clear eyed advice, please call me at 404-514-5900 for a free consultation.

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The Abbott Law Firm

Criminal Defense In Henry County

The Results Speak For Themselves

Case NumberMost Serious ChargeResult
2015CRXXXXPossession of a Firearm by FelonStraight Probation
2014CRXXXFinancial Transaction Card TheftSuspended Sentence, Charge dismissed after 30 days
2013CRXXXDrug PossessionEvidence Suppressed, Charges dismissed
2012CRXXXEmployee theft of $76kStraight probation
2011CRXXXTrafficking CocaineReduced to misdemeanor obstruction

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